Airway Market: TIPS in Finding Cheap Flight Tickets

Airway Market: TIPS in Finding Cheap Flight Tickets

Planning for a family vacation or a business trip? It is critical to understand that flight prices fluctuate at a moment’s notice hence the fine-print line, “Prices are subject to change without prior notice”.

It is more likely that someone is to spend hours scouring the internet looking for flight deals but to no avail. It is common knowledge that flight prices are always changing but frequent travellers or even non-frequent travellers can find the right prices using different techniques.

A quick background on how flight fares are being priced is mainly because of these factors.

  • Pricing Grand Design – Airlines will take advantage of the traveller’s need in pricing the tickets. For example, holiday travellers usually book in advance thus saving money by taking advantage of promos. On the other hand, people travelling for business would probably book a day or two before flying due to business need which in turn gets the full price of the ticket.
  • Supply and Demand – In the airline industry, airlines have people doing forecasting, not just of the weather but of how many standby seats are available per flight. By doing so, airlines can allot a determined number of seats for holiday goers and people paying for the full price.
  • Overhead Expenses – This factor covers but not limited to aircraft availability, fuel, and employees. These things need to be maintained so that flying experience will be a breeze through the air.

Let’s get on with the tips, shall we?

  1. Don’t schedule on a Monday, Friday or Sunday.

Here is what has to say about this.

“Generally, leaving on a Monday, Friday or Sunday will increase the risk of paying more for your ticket as business travellers leave or return from their trip, and families leave or return from their weekend trip.” Therefore, if you are planning that dream vacation somewhere, schedule in on a Thursday instead and get another day of awesome travelling.

2. Fly to areas with a lot of airlines flying in and out.

“Airline competition is also an important factor contributing to your ticket price. If there is a lot of competition (i.e. a lot of airlines flying there), prices will be significantly cheaper. This doesn’t only apply to certain regions but also certain routes between two cities (i.e. Los Angeles – New York, New York – London). If there’s a lot of airline competition, this also means there’s a lot of passenger competition, meaning more people want to fly to a particular destination. Therefore, you’re competing for those cheaper booking classes. As a general rule of thumb, the earlier you book, the better.” –

3. Use incognito when searching for flights.

If you were thinking that frequently searched flights are going to go up due to “Demand increase”, crazy right? According to, you are not crazy after all. “Based on the cookies in your browser, flight prices do increase when a particular route is repeatedly searched, as the site wants to scare you into booking the flight quickly before prices get even higher. Always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode to see the lowest prices.”

4. It’s all about timing.

Time is key and according to, “You may be surprised to learn this, but flight prices generally don’t change drastically within a short period of time. Instead, airfare gradually increase over weeks and months. For international flights, the sooner you book the better. For domestic flights, the sweet spot is within the 21-42 day range (about 3-6 weeks out). Prices just aren’t as good outside of that time period.”

5. Use

There are no assurances in this world, that I tell you but believe me, ask a quote from them and they will give a discount to you, guaranteed! Plus, they accept EOS for your business class and first class intercontinental long-haul airline tickets.

What are you waiting for? Book Wisely!

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