Summer heat in the Philippines can sometimes get to extreme temperatures, especially in the bigger cities lined with concrete pavements and towering buildings. People will often seek refuge inside the cold confines of malls and other air-conditioned establishments like coffee shops and movie houses. But what if they wanted something a little less urban and a whole lot more natural? Luckily, the Philippines is blessed with natural wonders like beaches, forest and mountains, some of which have been converted into places of tourism

Enter Bucari Pine Forest in Leon, Iloilo. Often dubbed as the “Summer Capital of the South” (in reference to the Philippines’ unofficial Summer Capital of Baguio City up north), Bucari has seen a spike in the number of visitors in recent years, partly due to the government’s efforts to make the roads going up the mountains more accessible.


People within the ticket booking business often come up with deals that make traveling to Iloilo by air — as well as hotel accommodations and transportation — a lot easier. There are several travel agencies with packages that include air fare, transportation from the airport to the hotel, and hotel to Bucari, where guests are treated by the cool atmosphere brought about by the forests’ elevated location.

Enjoying the cold weather isn’t the only activity one can do there, though. The forests’ management allows tourists to camp within the grounds — they even rent out tents for guests who are unable to bring their own. The surrounding area is great for photographs, which is a big deal in the social media age we live in.

Bucari’s biggest attraction aside from the cold air is a fallen tree that hangs precariously on the edge of a cliff. Adventurous tourists without the fear of heights would often walk up to the tree and take photos there. Sure, it can make one feel queasy in the stomach, but the perspective the view gives is truly breathtaking. Guests need not to worry though, as management has secured the tree so that it would not give out due to the weight of people standing on it.

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