Best Island Getaway Experience – Carnaza Island
Carnaza Eco Park at Day Time

Best Island Getaway Experience – Carnaza Island

Planning for a beach getaway and wanting to experience a provincial life and breath fresh air? Go and explore one of the most spectacular island in Cebu – the Daanbantayan’s remote and gorgeous gem – Carnaza Island.

Carnaza Island, is an island paradise located off the northern coast of Cebu. It is a 430 acres turtle-shaped island and is surrounded by the Visayan Sea. The island is just like Batanes to the Philippines because of its beautiful scenery. The Island captivates the heart of many people and it is believed to be a one-of-a-kind beach in Cebu. Many people who already experienced the island fell in love with the place because aside from the perfect relaxation it offers, it also gives you a connection with nature. Carnaza Island is the idyllic getaway where you come to forget about the daily grind of a bustling world and simply enjoy life.

Carnaza Eco Park at Day Time
Closer look at Carnaza Eco Park at Day Time (Photo was grab in Facebook/Credits to the owner)

To get to the Carnaza Island, you must go to Cebu North Bus Terminal. From there, you must take a 4-hour bus ride to Baranggay Tapilon in Daanbantayan which would cost P180-200. Once you arrive in Baranggay Tapilon, ask the residents to guide you to Tapilon port. Boat fare to Carnaza Island would cost P100, but if you want to rent your own boat, there are lots of boatman who can offer you a private ride going to Carnaza Island and this would cost you P2,000 more or less including side trips to the nearest Island like LA MANOK ISLAND and Dakit-Dakit Island. So, for people who love side trips, they can really enjoy the adventure and the superb escapade.

Carnaza Eco Park at Night Time (Photo was grab in Facebook/Credits to the owner)

Carnaza Eco Park

The Eco Park is where people usually stay in Carnaza. Entrance fee to the Eco Park is P200.Their popular Wood Tents cost P200 which is good for 2 people. They also have an air-conditioned room that would cost P2500-3000 which is good for 5-10 people. Or, you may also bring your own tent, but you must pay P50 to the caretaker. This is a perfect place for having a campfire with your loved ones and a good venue for team buildings with your colleagues since the place is not too expensive. The resort also offers swimming, snorkeling, and nature sightseeing.

Carnaza Island Skull Cove
Carnaza Island Skull Cove

The Island has a Skull Cove which consist of two caves. One of which has skulls inside its chamber and the other has a skylight inside. There is also a small cove which has a narrow entrance and a paved pathway leading towards a helipad.

The Left picture is a view to the pathway going to the Helipad while the picture in the right is the Helipad view

You’ll never regret visiting this place with that awe-inspiring view! Helipad is more enjoyable during sunrise and sunset but unfortunately, I was not able to take a picture during the sunrise/sunset because of its gloomy weather. But despite of the weather condition, the Helipad gives me goosebumps because of the picturesque view. 

So that’s it! Come and visit the fascinating Island of Carnaza and surely you will not forget the peacefulness and friendliness it gives to your soul.

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