Business Class: A traveler’s dream
flying business class

Business Class: A traveler’s dream

They say that flying business class is only for business-travelling people or the CEO’s who can afford spending their money extravagantly. Little did we know, there are those in the business class who just wants to know the perks and feel the luxurious way of travelling rather than being cramped in the economy seats.

So what is flying business class?

  • Work is a must and so in the business class.
business class
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Technically, the business class is a cabin that is designed for business travelers to continue their work the whole time they’re up in the air. Moreover, some of the common facilities a business class can offer are business class lounges, in-seat power supplies, USB ports and extra desk space. So when you have that long haul flight, get relaxed by watching movies on your laptop or on your mobile devices.

  • Deluxe treats up in the air
Deluxe treats up in the air
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When work is too much and you just want to straighten that back and get some sleep, go and lie back on that flat bed or reclinable seats and get cozy on that pillow. This is why you needed a business class, to fly comfortably and be energized once you have arrived at your next destination. Some international flights like Qatar Airways have offered double beds in business class cabin. “The new “Qsuite” product allows passengers travelling together to remove the privacy screen to create a comfortable-looking double bed.”

  • Easy access to food, drinks and entertainment
Easy access to food, drinks and entertainment
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A glass of champagne or fresh juice complemented with full course gourmet meal to complete the business class experience. They love to spoil the passengers so food will keep coming and you’ll never get the chance to feel famished. Not just fine dining but you too are in charge of inflight entertainment from movies, music, games and now, internet on board to access your emails, use social media or simply surf the internet.

  • Extras for the business class
Extras for the business class
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Some airlines offers more baggage allowance to cater the needs of travelers who bring more suit cases and ease concerns for the shopaholics. Another benefit of flying business class is to not wait or line up since you’ll get the first priority in leaving the aircraft.

Comfort and convenience are few of the things you’ll get in flying business class. This is one of those experiences everyone should have at least once in their life. If you’ve done a quick search and you got worried on the price, ask us for a quote and discounts for you to enjoy. And a bonus! We accept EOS for your business class and first class intercontinental long-haul airline tickets. Book that business class now and experience the luxurious way of travelling up in the air.

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