Right after my college graduation, we as graduates were already talking about our future careers. We as job seekers were thinking which the right path is whether to work abroad or locally. During that time my discernment is that it is much better to work abroad rather to work here locally since I have been in Bacolod City for more than a decade.

My Aunt and her Japanese husband was the owner of KS Company, a Food Manufacturing Company. But before going to Japan I took Basic Japanese Language Course TESDA Certified from Power Foundation Inc. Learning Nihongo, the national language of Japan, is quite hard to grasp at first but if you invest your effort in knowing the language, it can be useful when visiting and getting around the country. It is quite apparent that most of our OFWs has high interest in knowing and mastering the language. The Land of the Rising Sun offers spectacular landmarks and sceneries for foreigners. One of the most well-known tourist attraction is the Cherry Blossoms Festival and the spectacular amusement parks that the country offers. I was ecstatic and thrilled that I was given this unique opportunity.

I was excited and thrilled the moment I took my Japanese Visa. It was a student visa having a duration of 1 year and 3 months.

I have to pack my things and my baggage, and all the preparations needed before going to Japan. I was experiencing mixed emotions of joy and sadness since it was my first time going abroad and away from my family. During the day I have to depart from the Philippines my family escorted me to NAIA and bid our farewell to each of us. My first international flight was Delta Airlines, MNL to JPN, Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Chubu Centrair International Airport. My ticket was Economy but it was good flight experience on my part.

The In-Flight Entertainment was quite good, seat-back screens were equipped at the back of the airplane seats. You could watch movies and listen to music of different genres. The services of the flight stewards were subpar, but I have to admit they all look lovely and pretty. The flight was smooth and the view from above through the airplane windows was beautiful. After a few hours the cabin crew announced that we are nearing the country of Japan. I would remember how most of the time I would look at the window for the view. I could see a lot of islands with high tech vehicles that I never seen before on the Landing Area of the Plane.

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